Which is the best bean slicer

Do you have problems cutting  beans? Have you got so many it takes you ages to do?

What you need is a gadget that will do the job for you.

It makes it a lot easier and quicker if you use a runner bean slicer, this little gadget is a real time saver.

Below is a selection of the best  bean slicers to buy and use.

Krisk Bean Stringer and Slicer

Krisk Bean Stringer and Slicer This is a bean stringer and slicer from KitchenCraft.

It’s the best seller on Amazon.co.uk.

This easy to use cutter will slice beans perfectly and features a ridged plastic handle for easy handling.

The blades are high quality durable stainless steel.

Size: 12cm x 3cm.

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KitchenCraft Runner Bean Cutter

kitchencraft runner bean cutterAnother product from KitchenCraft, this is just a cutter.

This easy to clean neat little gadget quickly prepares runner beans ready for cooking.

Easy to use, just pull the beans through the stainless steel blades to creates neat, evenly sized slices.

Size:  5.5cm x 4cm x 3cm

Comes with a 12 months guarantee.

If you fancy this one go to Amazon.co.uk


KitchenCraft Vintage-Style Rotary Bean Slicer with Worktop Clamp

KitchenCraft Vintage-Style Rotary Bean SlicerYet another one from KitchenCraft but this one clamps to your worktop.

This runner bean slicer really prepares beans at an astonishing rate.

Simply put your beans in and rotate the handle, the six sharp blades will do the rest.

The rotary bean slicer is fitted with an adjustable screw-fitting clamp that will attatch securely to most work surfaces.

Easily cleaned.

Size: 16cm x 11cm

12 months guarantee

If you want an easy life check it out at Amazon.co.uk


KitchenCraft Traditional 2-in-1 Bean Slicer / Potato Peeler

KitchenCraft Traditional 2-in-1 Bean Slicer / Potato PeelerAnother one from KitchenCraft but this bean slicer also has a potato peeler.

A real time-saver when it comes to slicing beans or preparing veg.

On one end is the bean slicer and on the other end it the potato slicer.

Made from sturdy, rust-resistant stainless steel.

Size: 18cm.

12 months guarantee.

Get yours now from Amazon.co.uk.


KitchenCraft Rotary Runner Bean Cutter

KitchenCraft Rotary Runner Bean CutterYes it’s another one from KitchenCraft.

With this one you simply feed the beans into the top of the machine and turn the handle for instant slices.

It’s fitted with three sharp stainless steel blades, which actual;ly cut diagonally across the beans, this creates small, traditional slices that cook faster.

Fitted with a suction pad that attaches securely to any flat kitchen surface.

Size: 23cm

12 months guarantee.

If you think this is the one for you check it out on Amazon.co.uk