Best bread slicers for home use

We all love to make home-made bread but the most annoying  thing is trying to slice it into nice thick/thin even slices.

How hard can it be to cut a loaf of bread without ending up with doorstep slices? Well quite hard if you haven’t got the right equipment.

If you are good at slicing then a sharp serrated knife or an electric knife will do the trick but if your anything like me you’ll need a gadget to help you out.

Below is a selection of the best bread slicers for home use.


Kitchen Craft Expanding Stay Fresh Acrylic Bread Keeper.

Kitchen Craft Expanding Stay Fresh Acrylic Bread KeeperThis expanding stay fresh acrylic bread keeper from Kitchen craft has an added bonus of a bread slicing guide that allows you to cut your bread easily, evenly and safely.

The bread box expands to 28cm and will keep a loaf of bread fresh thanks to the small air vents to allow just enough air in.

As you use your bread you slide the bread box together to make it smaller.

The bread slicing guide is easy to use,  place your uncut bread into the guide and use a good sharp knife (not included) between the guides to cut the bread for even slices of bread.

Hand wash only and comes with a 12 month guarantee.



Simpleslice – Bread Slicing Guide – Stable, Safe and Versatile.

Simpleslice - Bread Slicing Guide - Stable, Safe and VersatileThis bread slicing guide from Simpleslice is stable, safe and versatile thanks to the radical horizontal cutting guides.

Normally you would slice  bread vertically but this clever design allows you to cut  baked breads, from panini to bagels, round loaves to long french sticks horizontally.

The guide is precision engineered from one piece of steel with no moving parts to worry about.

The guide hooks flat onto your kitchen worktop and the four non slip feet give it stability.

Place your bread onto the guide and choose the size of slice you desire from one of the multiple cutting choices available.

Use a good bread knife (not included) to slice the bread horizontally removing each slice as you go.

Can be used left or right handed and stores vertically fore storage.



Bread Slicer – Multi-functional

Bread Slicer - Multi-functionalThis multi-fuctional bread slicer from Japan allows you to slice your bread into 4 different thicknesses, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25mm.

Its designed for regular/medium sized bread with an aperture of approx 120mm x 155mm but you will struggle if you make a larger loaf.

Simple to use, place the bread on the slicer and choose the thickness of slice by sliding the plastic guide into the required slot.

Push the loaf of bread hard against the guide  and use a bread knife in in the cutting slot to cut the bread. Can also be used to slice ham and cheese.

Easy to clean but not dishwasher safe and it folds up for storage.




The Neat Bread Slicer.

The Neat Bread SlicerThis Neat bread slicer from Neat Designs is a slicing guide that cuts even slices of bread using any bread knife.

This beech wood and brushed stainless steel bread slicer is unique and stylish yet compact and functional.

Place your bread into the bread slicer pushing up to the back of the unit and use a bread knife in the cutting slots to slice your bread, up to 5 slices at a time.

Only one size of slice is accommodated but you can adjust the size by moving the loaf back and forth.

Four clear rubber feet on the bottom stop it from slipping  and it can be used either left or right handed.

It can also be dismantled to help with cleaning, 196mm high, 137mm wide.

A bit pricey but you get what you pay for.



Andrew James Black Electric Precision Food Slicer.

Andrew James Black Electric Precision Food SlicerIf you would like to slice your bread with the power of electric then the black precision food slicer from Andrew James could be the answer.

The 150w powerful motor is surprisingly quiet when in use.

It comes with three interchangeable 19cm cutting blades, universal, bread and meat which can cut thickness’s of 0-15mm.

The steel and aluminium body gives greater stability and it has rubber suction-cup feet to stop it moving about in use.

For added safety there is a thumb Guard / food press.

To slice your bread place it on the sliding table, if its a full loaf you’ll find it hangs over the edge so you wont be able to use the thumb guard/ food pusher as you would normally.

Choose the thickness of slice you require using the dial on the back of the machine and turn on.

Move the sliding table back and forth and your perfectly sliced bread will be dispatched at the back of the slicer.

The sliding table flips forward  for easy cleaning and the blades are easy to change using a coin.