Which is the best electric can opener

One of the most useful kitchen gadget is the can opener but if you use a manual can opener you know that it requires some amount of strength to clamp the rotary wheel onto the can and turn the handle to cut off the lid.

This is where the electric can opener comes in handy, just a push of a button and the lid is off in no time.

Below is a selection of the best electric can openers.


Kenwood CO600 3-in-1 Can Opener with Knife Sharpener and Bottle Opener

Kenwood CO600 3-in-1 Can Opener with Knife Sharpener and Bottle OpenerThis 3-in-1 can opener from Kenwood is a stand a alone unit with an integral knife sharpener and bottle opener.

The can opener is designed to open most shapes and sizes of cans, up to 1.2 kg and the lid retaining magnet stops the lid dropping into the opened can.

It has an automatic stop/start feature and it operates hands free.

Just hold the can in position and lightly press down on the lever, the blade pierces the can and starts cutting, the motor will stop automatically when the lid is fully cut and the lid is held safely in place with the retaining magnet.

It hasĀ  non-slip feet to keep it secure on your worktop and the blade is easily removed for cleaning.






Cooks Professional Deluxe Automatic One Touch Can Opener.

Cooks Professional Deluxe Automatic One Touch Can Opener.This deluxe automatic can opener from Cooks Professional will open any tin with a one touch operation.

Simple and quick to use, locate the can opener onto the top of the tin you want to open and press the start button on the top of the unit.

The can opener travels around the tin cutting as it goes and when the cutting is complete you can take this clever gadget off the tin.

There is a built in magnet on the opener that removes the lid ready for disposal. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not supplied).






Morphy Richards 46718 Multifunction Can Opener

Morphy Richards 46718 Multifunction Can OpenerThis 6-in-1 multifunction electric can opener from Morphy Richards will also open bottle tops, ring pulls, lids, jars and even hard clam shell plastic packaging with the muti-tools.

Place the can you want to open underneath the unit, press down on the lever and the opener will automatically rotate holding the can while opening.

Non-slip feet ensure the opener will stay put on your worktop and the inbuilt cord storage makes it easy to store in your cupboard.

The multi- tool fits neatly in the bottom of the unit and the jar opener fits on top of the unit.

Black wipe clean body with dishwasher safe parts.






Culinare White One Touch Automatic Can Opener

Culinare White One Touch Automatic Can OpenerThis one touch automatic can opener from Culinare is an effective way to open cans with the minimum amount of effort.

Locate the can opener over the lip of the can to be opened and just press the one touch button to start.

The can is cut around the sides to minimise sharp edges and once cut press the button again to stop.

Lift the unit away and theĀ  built in magnet lifts the lid off the can for easy disposal.

Requires 2 x AA batteries (not included) and works on cans of 5.2 cm and larger.