Which is the best electric carving knife

Take the hard work out of carving your roast with an electric carving knife.

Why struggle with with an ordinary knife when an electric knife helps you get cuts that are cleaner, more even and consistent at a touch of a button.

Useful for cutting breads, roasts, ham, turkey, and meats.

Using one can also minimize the time and energy needed to carve even the toughest meat.

Below is a selection of the best electric knives.


Kenwood KN650 True Electric Carving Knife, White

Kenwood KN650 True Electric Carving Knife, WhiteThis best selling electric carving knife from Kenwood has a powerful 100w motor to to assist in cutting a variety of foods from meats and poultry, to bread.

Easy to use and safe with a safety on/off switch that is designed to protect against accidental operation.

The high quality stainless steel blades are serrated for precise cutting.

The blades are easy to remove for cleaning and it also comes with a set of frozen food blades.




Russell Hobbs 13892 Electric Knife with 203mm Stainless Steel Serrated Blade

13892 Electric Knife with 203mm Stainless Steel Serrated BladeThis 120w electric knife from Russell Hobbs features a 203mm stainless steel serrated blade to help you get through those tough joints of meat.

The comfort grip handle has a convenient thumb-tip control button for power and there is a blade release button so you can remove the blade for cleaning.

Its has an easy wrap cord storage that will also help to keep your kitchen cupboards tidy!




James Martin Electric Knife ZX773 White / Black

James Martin Electric Knife ZX773 White / BlackThis electric knife from Wahl has the seal of approval from James Martin.

The powerful 120w motor allows you to cut through a variety of foods.

The knife comes with two sets of stainless steel blades, a standard one for roasts, poultry and general cutting / carving and a course one for frozen foods and harder to tackle meats.

The double action safety lock on/off switch prevents the knife being accidentally operated. The soft touch grip handle is designed for easy use and comfort.

There’s a safety button for the safe removal of the blades which are dishwasher safe.




Andrew James Electric Carving Knife – Powerful 150 Watts – With Two Sets of Blades

Andrew James Electric Carving Knife - Powerful 150 Watts - With Two Sets of BladesThis Multi Purpose Electric Carving Knife from Andrew James has a powerful 150w motor to tackle most food.

Comes with two sets of blades, a set of standard stainless steel blades  for your roasts and a set of serrated stainless steel blades for cutting bread.

The blades are dishwasher safe and are removed with a safety release.

Now with longer 1.2 meter power cord. Please note – this electric knife is not suitable to cut frozen food.




Quest Electric Knife, 180 Watt

Quest Electric Knife, 180 WattThis electric knife from Quest has a very powerful 180w motor that makes easy work of carving roast meats or slicing crusty rustic loaves.

The 24cm stainless steel blades are quick release for easy cleaning.

There is a dual safety switch for maximum protection and an easy grip handle for comfort.