Which is the best kitchen blowtorch for cooking

Kitchen blowtorches are being used not only by professional chefs but by amateur cooks in the home.

The naked flame gets a lot hotter than using a grill so it can be used for caramelising, browning and charring.

Due to their popularity the have come down in price over the years making them a great kitchen gadget to own and use.

Below is a selection of the best kitchen blowtorches to use in your kitchen.


The Kitchen Craft Cook’s Blowtorch

Kitchen Craft Cook's BlowtorchThis is the best selling blowtorch on Amazon.

This safe to use blowtorch has a instant ignition piezo trigger and an adjustable flame that works at all angles.

It has chrome fittings with a soft grip body which makes it non-slip and easy to use and wipe clean.

The blowtorch is refillable for use time and time again and measures 9cm x 16.5cm.




Kitchen Craft Master Class Deluxe Cook’s Blowtorch

Kitchen Craft Master Class Deluxe Cook's BlowtorchThis is the deluxe Kitchen Craft blowtorch and comes in a beautiful storage/gift box which is velvet lined so would make an ideal gift.

Its finished in black satin  with chrome fittings and has a detachable stand.

The body is soft grip and wipe clean only.

The anti-flare flame works at all angles and is fully adjustable.

It has a refillable cylinder with a fuel level window so you know how much fluid is left.




Master Class Blowtorch / Professional Cook’s Blowtorch

Master Class Blowtorch / Professional Cook's BlowtorchThis professional kitchen blowtorch again from kitchen craft reaches temperatures of 1300°C.

It has a Piezo spark ignition for easy starting and adjustable flame that can be used at all angles.

This is a heavy duty blowtorch with a non slip chrome effect metal body with detachable stand.

Refillable gas cylinder.

18cm x 13cm




Xcellent Global Cook’s Blowtorch Kitchen GAS Torch Burner

Xcellent Global Cook's Blowtorch Kitchen GAS Torch Burner This blowtorch uses uses easy to use push and twist gas cylinders. 

Burns for up to 7 hours on one canister of gas.

Turn on with a push of the button using the piezo built-in pistol ignition which lights the flame.

The extra long nozzle has anti flare and is adjustable with the gas control knob.

The ergonomic design fits nicely into your hand.




Tala Cooks Blow torch

Tala Cooks Blow torchThe Tala blowtorch has a soft grip body for added control.

Reaches temperatures up to 1300’C / 2450’F with an adjustable flame.

You get 45-60 minutes burn time on a full tank of butane gas.

There is a stand for stability.

Just press the trigger to ignite the gas.